Your Laser Service Partner

Your Laser
Service Partner

Kreasi Muda Indonesia is a manufacturing company that was established in 2017. Our main focus is on Laser Services (Metal and Non-Metal) and also Custom Design Craft Products.

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Kreasi Muda Indonesia also has two of the best brands, namely Malika Wallart which focuses on making wall decorations, and Bungas Home Decor which mainly focuses on lamp decoration.

We Do Believe
In Our Skill

We Do Believe in Our Skill

We are supported by a young, talented, creative, and innovative team. It is our effort to make each of our products and services always look excellent to all customers. We can provide the best service on a variety of scales including consulting or advice on design, mass production, packaging to shipping. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Meet the People Behind
Kreasi Muda Indonesia

As the front line of the company, the marketing team is tasked with marketing the Kreasi Muda Indonesia brand both online and offline. Some of our marketing lines are Sales Marketing, Content Creator, Product Designer, and Digital Marketing.

The Accounting team is responsible for all the company’s financial reports and manages the raw materials needed for the production team. The accounting team is further divided into the accounting team and customer service.

To support the needs of customers who want to realize designs with various wishes, we also have engineers and designers who are reliable in designing designs and making product prototypes.

Our team is also supported by a production team that has superior skills in creating a craft product. The biggest space in our company is the production department with several machines and equipment that we have such as CO2 Laser, Fiber Laser and Laser Marking which are used to process all kinds of laser products and for our brand needs.

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