Welcome to Kreasi Muda Indonesia

We are your solution that requires Laser Services (Metal and Non-Metal) and Metal Fabrication for various application needs. We have been established since 2017 with our flagship brands, namely Malika Wallart and Bungas Home Decor.

Welcome to Kreasi Muda

Professional Laser Services in Indonesia

Come meet the needs of Laser and Metal Fabrication Services with us. With Fiber Laser, Co2 Laser, Laser Marking, and Hydraulic Bending machines we are able to produce products for your needs. Get the best offers from us by clicking the button below for more information.

Get to Know More About Kreasi Muda Indonesia

Get to Know More About Kreasi Muda Indonesia

Our Best Products.

The latest in Kreasi Muda Indonesia, apart from focusing on Laser Services, we also have several excellent products that can make your best moments more perfect. Some of those products are Vandel, Plaque, Trophy, Acrylic Desk Shield, and many others.

Our Best Service

Metal Laser Services

Mild Steel, Stainles Steel & Carbon Steel

Non Metal Laser Services

Acrylic, Wood, MDF & Leather

Custom Project by You

Trophy, Plaque, Vandel, Sign Room, Facade & Partition

Some of the products we can make include sign rooms (pictograms), wall art, building facades, both exterior and interior, trophies, vandals, plaques, and other custom products.

solid wood kaligrafi
jasa laser marking di kota solo
Pagar Laser Cutting di Solo

Providing Design Consulting Services to Material Selection as Needed

If you are interested in working with us. Contact us immediately by clicking the following link and get the best offer from us

Various Facilities We Provide

Our Main Brand

Malika Wallart

Malika Wallart is our flagship brand that focuses on providing various types of wall decorations (wall decorations, wall clocks, shelves, mirrors)

produsen lampu hias

Bungas Home Decor

Bungas Home Decor is a brand that will soon be releasing a product, namely Decorating Lamp (Floor Lamp, Hanging Lamp, Wall, Table Lamp)

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To commemorate the momentum or celebration of merchandise, it is really needed, the forms are also various such as placards, vandals, trophies. Each has a different function depending on the event being held. But do you know what are the…

Maybe at this time, there are still many people who do not know about Laser Engraving Services starting from the uses and advantages of laser engraving compared to other lasers. This time Kreasi Muda Indonesia will introduce one of the…

We are the best laser service company in Solo, the Laser Services that Kreasi Muda Indonesia offers can process several materials, both metal, and non-metal materials. The laser itself can be used for various things, it can be for laser…

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