The Difference Between Vandel, Plaque, Trophy!

The Difference Between Vandel, Plaque, Trophy!
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To commemorate the momentum or celebration of merchandise, it is really needed, the forms are also various such as placards, vandals, trophies. Each has a different function depending on the event being held. But do you know what are the differences between plaques, vandals, trophies? Well, on this occasion, we will explain how the specific differences between vandals, plaques, and trophies are made so that you don’t get it wrong when you want to use it.

Let’s Understand the Meaning of Vandel, Plaque, and Trophy

1. Plaque

Plaque according to the KBBI is “An announcement letter (law and so on) in the form of pictures or writings affixed to walls, walls, and public places for wider distribution.” There is another meaning of plaque, which is an object made of various basic materials, usually made of wood, acrylic, marble, metal as a souvenir. The function of the plaque itself is as a souvenir for school farewells, office farewells, or other events where all participants receive souvenirs. For the usual placards given to all participants, there is no difference between one another, so if you come to an event or there is a farewell event and are given the same souvenir as your friend, it is a plaque.

Here are some examples of plaques with various materials:

jasa pembuatan plakat custom di solo
2. Vandel

So next is the definition of vandel. Do any of you know what vandel is? Vandel is a “souvenir that is often given as a memento at a particular event and usually has a sign with the name, date, and event being held.” The function of the vandel is almost the same as the plaque, namely as a souvenir gift whether for school farewell events, office farewells, or events where participants get souvenirs, but souvenirs here are usually given the names of the participants so that the souvenirs given are in accordance with the participants who received the invitation. . Here is an example of Vandel:

3. Trophy

Well, maybe among the other two trophies, the term is the most familiar to you, right? Well at first the word trophy was absorbed from English, namely trophy. Trophy in the Oxford Dictionary has the meaning, namely, “Prize given for winning a competition; Something kept as a reminder of a victory or success.” Another understanding of the trophy is an item that symbolizes a victory usually, the trophy is given in certain competitions and only people who win the championship get the trophy. The function of the trophy is as an award to someone for the achievement of his victory. For trophies, the basic ingredients for making are the same as vandels and plaques, which can be wood, acrylic, metal, marble, but for trophies usually only certain people get them, then the size given by each person is different according to the achievement of his victory.


Vandel, Plaque and Trophy Making Services in Solo City

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