Portable Hand Wash Station by Kreasi Muda Indonesia

The Portable Hand Wash Station is an innovation from Kreasi Muda Indonesia to present products that can be used to support life in the new normal. Portable Hand Wash Station from Kreasi Muda Indonesia has the latest innovation with a touchless experience that minimizes touch between users.


With an ergonomic step of water and soap making it is comfortable to use. The presence of a portable hand wash station as a place to wash hands also has several functions that can certainly prevent the spread of viruses.

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Instalation Portable Hand Wash Station
by Kreasi Muda Indonesia

Specification Portable Hand Wash Station
Wastafel Portable

Mild Steel Hollow Body and Frame
Dimensions 54 x 89 cm
Finishing Powder Coating
Free Soap Hose and Soap Tank


Wastafel Portable

Bak dan Kerangka Mild Steel Hollow
Dimensi 54 x 89 cm
Finishing Powder Coating
Free Selang Sabun dan Tangki Sabun

Portable Hand Wash Station By Kreasi Muda Indonesia:

Learn more for details on prices and materials for Wastafel By Kreasi Muda Indonesia by clicking the link below.

Why Should You Have a Portable Hand Wash Station from Kreasi Muda Indonesia?

1. Can be Unit or Wholesale
2. 100% Shipping Guarantee
3. Shipping throughout Indonesia
4. Free Shipping for Wholesale Purchases
5. Superior Product Quality

6. One Set with Soap and Water Faucet
7. Ergonomic Stepping
8. Safe Packing to Destination
9. It has been used by many agencies in Indonesia
10. Sturdy Anti-Rust Material

Kenapa Harus Wastafel Portable dari Kreasi Muda Indonesia?

1. Bisa Satuan atau Grosir
2. Garansi Pengiriman 100%
3. Pengiriman ke Seluruh Indonesia
4. Gratis Ongkir Pembelian Grosir
5. Kualitas Produk Unggulan
6.  Satu Set dengan Sabun dan Kran Air
7.  Injakan Ergonomis
8.  Packing Aman Sampai Tujuan
9.  Sudah digunakan Banyak Instansi di Indonesia
10. Bahan Kokoh Anti Karat

We provide Portable Sink for retail and wholesale sales. Please contact us directly for more details. Every purchase of a Portable Sink from Kreasi Muda Indonesia, we also include video tutorials and problems that you can watch before installing.

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Wastafel Portable

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