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Non-Metal Laser Services from Kreasi Muda Indonesia is our customer’s favorite service. The materials we can work with are very diverse, ranging from beach, wood, MDF, leather, gravoply, multiplex and other non-metallic materials.

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Non-Metal Laser
Kreasi Muda Indonesia

Our Non Metal Laser Facility

laser cutting

LASER CO2 1300mm x 2500mm

Specification :

Machine Model LC 1325D CO2

Laser power 150w

Work Area 3000mm x 2500mm

Maximum Thickness:

- Akrilik = 10mm

- MDF = 4mm

LASER CO2 1300mm x 900mm

Specification :

Machine Model LC SF 1390 I

Laser power 130w

Work Area 1.300 x 900mm

Maximum Thickness:

- Akrilik = 10mm

- MDF = 4mm

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Service at Kreasi Muda Indonesia?


Design and material services tailored to your needs


Our professional team is able to do all your needs


Can be sent throughout Indonesia

Non Metal Laser Service Application
in Kreasi Muda Indonesia

Here are some products that can use non-metal laser services

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